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What do I have to do to enter the casino?
First and foremost, you must be 18 years of age or older. Also, upon entry, you are required to present an ID card (foreigner - passport), because the casino is required to check that you are not in the Register of Excluded Persons (RVO). If you were on the register in that case, we would not be able to register you and let you into the casino.
What is "RVO"?
Check out this link:
How do I register at the casino?
A valid ID is required for registration. We accept passports, ID cards and driver's licenses. Simply visit the casino, where upon presentation of the document you will get your own entry card, valid for all ADMIRAL casinos in the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic.
Is it necessary to wear formal attire when visiting the casino?
No, it is not necessary to have formal attire. It is entirely up to the casino visitors which clothing they choose.
In what currency is it played in the casino?
Our game currency is the Euro. Each guest can change the money at the box office if they have a different currency.
Do your branches have staff who speak English or German?
YES! At each of our branches there are staff who will speak to you at least in English or German and will be very happy to help you or answer your questions.
Are your casinos accessible for the disabled?
Of course, all our casinos are accessible to disabled people and in each casino our staff will help you with anything.