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The protection of your privacy is a very serious concern to the CBG, spol. s r. o. therefore we want you to be able to visit our web pages without being concerned about security issues. It is generally possible to use our website without the disclosure of personal data. The following Privacy Statement will provide you with an overview of how the CBG, spol. s r. o. guarantees the protection of your privacy, the type of data being collected as well as its main purpose.


The IP address is transmitted on every server request to let the server know where the response has to be sent. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) gives you an IP address as soon as you connect to the Internet, and the ISP can retrace which IP address was assigned to which of its customers at any given time. For as long as the IP address is saved, it is theoretically possible to identify the owner of the Internet connection via the ISP. For this reason, we and our statistics providers do not save the IP address permanently but only temporarily for session recognition and for security reasons (for example to ward off hacker attacks). The IP address is then immediately deleted, so that any collected data are made anonymous and it is no longer possible to identify the user, not even via the ISP.


3.1. Cookie policy

When you visit and use the website (hereinafter "Website"), cookies (hereinafter
"cookies") are activated on your device. They are small content files used to store and receive identifiers
and other information about the computers, phones, and other devices from which you access the
Website. They help us provide, protect and improve our services.

In general, cookies on the Website are not used to collect information that leads to the identification of
individuals. The cookies used by the Website are used to ensure the necessary activities, such as
navigating between the sites, logging in to the user profile and maintaining consent or disagreement
with the use of cookies.You need to activate session cookies to be able to use website services which require authentication.

We use two types of cookies on the Website: temporary (session-type expiration, deleted after closing
the browser window) and permanent (expiration set for a specific date). Transitional cookies are used
for the necessary and proper functioning of some parts of the Website, such as login to your own user
profile. Permanent cookies remain stored on your device for a longer period of time and are mainly used
to optimize the Website with regard to the user's settings and activity on the Website.

The cookies on the Website are exclusively functional, necessary for the operation of the website, do
not contain any personal data, are not used for displaying advertisements and do not communicate with
third parties.

The Website does not use analytical and marketing cookies.

3.2. How you can set cookies

You can reject cookies in the settings of your internet browser or set only the use of some of them. If
functional cookies are rejected, the Website may not function as it should.

3.4. Cookie List

Name Purpose Expiration
PHPSESSID Maintains the state of the user session between page requests. Session
cookieconsent_status Saves information about the acceptance or rejection of cookies. 1 year / 6 months


Cookie settings on the most used browsers:

Internet Explorer:
Microsoft Edge:

Further Information


Your trust is very important to us. If you have further questions regarding the processing of your personal data by CBG, spol. s r. o., please do not hesitate to contact the Data Protection Department of the CBG, spol. s r. o. in writing at this address:

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You can contact the operator's responsible person via an email address